Welcome to the ULTRADIAN Bristol website!

Welcome to the ULTRADIAN Bristol home page and blog! Over the next few weeks we will be updating this page with more information about ULTRADIAN and how you can be involved.

In the meantime why not follow us on Twitter @ultradian2020 or visit the official homepage at http://www.ultradian.eu.




5 thoughts on “Welcome to the ULTRADIAN Bristol website!

  1. For what age group are wanting the study to be on? I have a toddler with Pai. I’m interested in her being a part of this study

    1. Dear Sonya
      The current studies on primary adrenal insufficiency are for participants aged 18-68. We really hope to expand the use of the technology in the near future to include younger children so keep following the blog and our Twitter account for updates!
      Thanks very much for your interest

  2. Okay I’ll deff. be up for her joining on a study for children so I’ll keep an eye out. Thanks for taking time to respond.

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